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    For a Perfect Weld
    Every Time
    Magnatech is a manufacturer of specialized
    equipment for orbital pipe, tube, tube-sheet
    and pipeline welding systems, using the
    GTAW, FCAW, and GMAW welding processes.
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    Tube Welding
    Markets include:
    Aerospace industry
    Food and beverage industries
    High purity industries including pharmaceutical & biotechnology
    Semiconductor and related industries

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    Pipe Welding
    Markets include:
    Fossil fuel power generation industry
    Nuclear power generation industry
    Petrochemical and Chemical Plants
    Process piping

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    Pipeline Welding
    Markets include:
    Cross country oil pipelines
    Cross country gas pipelines
    Cross country water pipelines
    CRA clad pipelines

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    Orbital Welding
    Magnatech supplies equipment to major
    contractors for projects worldwide.

Magnatech, LLC

S.F.E. Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of selected assets of Magnatech, LLC , based in Granby, Connecticut, USA.

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S.F.E. Group was founded in 2019 after the merger of three world leading OEM’s in the field of pipe fabrication tooling and machinery: B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools LLC (USA), Mathey Dearman Inc. (USA) and TAG Pipe Equipment Specialists (UK). The most recent acquisition dates back to the start of 2022 when the Axxair Group was added to the S.F.E. Group.

S.F.E. Group offers a wide range of products and is continuously exploring new product design and development, as well as add-on acquisitions to enhance its portfolio and to fulfill increasing industries’ demands.

With offices and warehousing on 4 continents, 120 employees and more than 250 partnerships and distributors worldwide, S.F.E. Group prides itself in consistently offering the highest standard of both product quality and service to all its customers.

S.F.E. Group looks forward to welcoming you into its global network as a partner, distributor or end user customer and remains at your disposal at any time.

High-quality orbital welders and automatic pipe welding systems

Since 1971, Magnatech has manufactured orbital welding machines and equipment for a wide range of diverse applications. As a top solution provider of arc welding machines for tube, pipe, and pipeline markets, our range of orbital welding systems are designed to meet your specific challenges, whether minimal clearances in maintenance applications or use by lesser skilled operators in remote locations and hostile environments. Designed for reliability and simplicity in programming and operation, our orbital welders and unique welding systems will improve productivity, reduce weld repair rates, and produce consistent welds meeting all code standards.

We meet the needs of our global clientele with guidance in selecting the most suitable systems to meet their specific application requirements. Our in-house support staff provide our customers with expert technical application assistance and service support for all of our orbital welders and welding machine equipment.

We offer a range of pipe, tube, automatic, and arc welding machine equipment which utilize the following processes:

  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
  • Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW)

Below are a few examples in a range of industries detailing how our orbital welder product provided a solution to a customer’s unique problem.

Magnatech’s automatic pipe and tube welding machines bring the benefits of digital technology to the orbital welding customer. These include unparalleled parameter accuracy, repeatability, and reliability. Our welding power sources operate a broad range of both enclosed and open arc weld heads. Our sales engineers can assist you in selecting the model of pipe, tube, or automatic welding machines to best meet your application requirements.

Our mission is to provide orbital welding solutions tailored to your tube and pipe application. With the ever-declining number of skilled welders worldwide, our orbital welding machines are engineered to allow a less skilled operator not only to make code welds but also do it with a substantial productivity improvement. Autoprogramming for both fusion-only and multipass welding with filler wire addition eliminates the need for onsite technical specialists to laboriously develop the weld parameters by trial and error. All our orbital welders and welding system models incorporate an intuitive user interface, simplifying operation and guaranteeing repeatable welds. Rigorous quality control of components during manufacture, followed by final calibration and weld testing, ensure trouble-free operation.

Please contact us to discuss your specific application and to learn how orbital welders and the right equipment can improve your bottom line.