Orbital Tube Welding & Automatic Tube Welding Machines


Steel tubes with gauges with tight orbital tube welding clearance

Manufacturers, fabricators, and contractors all count on Magnatech LLC to manufacture and supply a range of automatic orbital tube welding machines for their uses. The common requirement for all Magnatech LLC’s tube welding customers is the need to make full penetration tube welds meeting industry code standards (Sanitary / Hygienic / ASME BPE / B31.3High Purity).

True digital technology brings unparalleled accuracy, repeatability, and reliability to orbital tube welding applications. Magnatech LLC offers several automated tube welding machines that can be tailored to your specific orbital tube welding application:

Contractors in many industries rely on Magnatech LLC to provide product solutions for automatic tube welding. Our product lines include 10 models of weld heads for tubing applications as small as .125 inch (3.18 millimeters) up to 6.625 inches (168 millimeters).

Digital technology forever eliminates the need for time-consuming weld head calibration. The rotation speed is always accurate.

Orbital tube welding ensures fully-penetrated welds on all grades of stainless tubing and other corrosion-resistant alloys (CRAs). The smooth, uniform weld bead surface eliminates the need for post-weld finishing, which is critical with the growing use of clean in Place (CIP) system requirements for high-purity process piping.

Automated tube welding machines are most in demand for industries requiring sanitary tubing welds such as:

  • Semiconductor
  • Aerospace
  • Instrumentation
  • Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Dairy Production

The Tubemaster 514 Power Source provides a 200-amp output in a lightweight portable package. The economical EZ Orbital 517 Controller allows the use of a standard, commercially available power source, without sacrificing any of the programming features of the Model 514. Both are equipped with an intuitive color touchscreen interface.

Both automated welding system models incorporate autoprogramming of the weld sequences. Simply enter the tube size, wall thickness, and material type. The multilevel weld parameters are generated, eliminating the need for programming skills and years of welding experience.

Programmable “override limits” are password protected to prevent unauthorized changes to each welding parameter of a qualified weld procedure. Weld parameter monitoring and reporting records any deviations from preprogrammed limits for quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) purposes. Welding programs and QC reporting are transferred via a USB port.

The M500 Head is designed for precision welding of fittings and components with minimal extensions for clamping. Several types of clamping cartridge assemblies can be used with and without collets for restricted clearance microfitting applications in the semiconductor industry.

The 800 Series Heads consist of six models of water-cooled orbital tube weld heads with overlapping size ranges. Interchangeable collets are available for all tube sizes and fitting geometries. Special collections can be engineered for unique applications, common in specialized industries such as aerospace.

The three Red Head Series weld heads are equipped for fusion only and filler wire additional orbital welding. The heads mount on tubes with adjustable clamping jaws, actuated by rotating a simple toggle lever.

Discover the product solutions you’ve been looking for with Magnatech LLC’s automated tube welding machines. For further assistance with product selection for orbital tube welding and pricing information, contact our experienced representatives today.