About Magnatech LLC: Welding Machines & Automation


The company was founded in 1946 to manufacture aerospace components including circular seals for extreme temperature and pressure applications, supporting initial development of the gas turbine engine. In 1964, the company was purchased by the present owners, and moved to its location adjacent to Bradley International Airport (Hartford, Connecticut).

The advent of nuclear power generation required the design of innovative technology to seal the nuclear pressure vessel. Magnatech developed circular metal seals to withstand the heat and pressure requirements. GTAW welding was required to join the ends of the tubular metal seals to form a complete circle. Magnatech designed an autogenous tube welding machine in 1969, allowing an employee with no welding skills to make perfect repeatable welds, with a zero defect criteria.

The success of the tube welder led Magnatech to develop a multipass pipe welding system. These products formed the basis for Magnatech’s new business focus on creating and distributing unique welding machines and welding automation. Thousands of systems have been sold worldwide to date.

Magnatech Today

Magnatech's primary focus is the design and manufacture of equipment for orbital welding applications. (Orbital means that the pipe is in a fixed position and cannot be rotated – the tool must move around the fixed pipe.) Tube and pipe welding, especially in field applications, is possibly the single most demanding requirement of welders’ skills. As with many skilled craftsmen, there are a declining number of welders worldwide. Mechanized equipment provides a practical solution, both by increasing individual productivity, and by augmenting the abilities of lesser skilled welders. Over 80% of welding costs are labor and overhead. Therefore, the only means for a manufacturer, fabricator, or contractor to meaningfully reduce costs is to automate.

Magnatech’s proprietary line of orbital pipe welding systems is the most compact available in the world today. We are experts in miniaturizing complex mechanisms which must be rugged enough for use by welding personnel in the harsh welding environment. Our compact digital power supplies provide precise control of the welding process, yet are tough enough to withstand field use.

Magnatech markets its welding machines and welding power supply products through a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors with in-depth product knowledge.

We continuously improve existing tools, while designing new products and welding machines for the pipe welding industry. By emphasizing simplicity, reliability and ease-of-use, we strive to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. Our customers around the world are working under extreme time constraints and deadlines. We understand this. Our staff of engineering, manufacturing, and technical professionals defines our commitment to customer service and product excellence with all of our welding machines and welding automation equipment. Magnatech provides a complete product solution for any type of tube or pipe welding application.