Weld Head M500

Ultra-low profile M500 head designed for precise fittings

Orbital Weld Head for Fusion Welding of Tubes

The ultra-low profile M500 Head is designed for precision welding of fittings and components with minimal straight extensions as short as 6.35mm (0.25?). The M500 covers the size range of 3.18-12.7mm (.125-.500?) using interchangeable, size specific cartridge assemblies, or cartridges using interchangeable collets (Tube Clamp Inserts) providing the complete size range capability with a single cartridge

The M500 is ideal for restricted clearance micro-fitting welding applications in the semiconductor, aerospace, instrumentation, and hygienic process industries (Pharmaceutical. Biopharmaceutical).

Digital Technology forever eliminates the need for periodic weld head calibration- rotation speed remains accurate regardless of head wear, and heads can interchanged without time-consuming calibration.

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  • Bench Mount Bracket
  • Waterproof carry case standard
  • Pre-Ground Tungsten Electrodes


  • Collets (TCI) for all tube sizes/fitting
  • Flush Cartridge assemblies without collets achieve narrowest configuration for welding micro-fittings
  • Flush Cartridge with single collet for micro-fitting to tube provides optimal fit-up
  • Accepts Arc Machines (AMI)¹ collets (Tube Clamp Inserts) for 9-500
  • Options quick release kit allows “off head? clamping of components for an unobstructed view of the joint fit-up
  • Convenient flip-up view port allows final inspection before welding
  • Standard 7.6m (25’) cable length
  • Now available in two cable connector versions: 514 or AMI 205/207/217
  • Housing body fabricated using Torlon 5030 material rated for an unprecedented 274ºC (575 ºF) allows high duty cycle without the need for water cooling
  • Stainless steel rotor insures long wear life
  • Collet frame hinge on the same side, allowing greater access to tight clearance welds.
    ¹AMI is a registered trademark of Arc Machines Inc.

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