Food and Beverage Industry

Sanitary welding systems that meet food and beverage industry requirements

Magnatech is a leading provider of orbital tube welding systems that allow the food and beverage industries to meet the strict hygienic requirements required of sanitary tubing. Automated orbital welding is increasingly being used by contractors and fabricators for the job of welding sanitary process tubing. These industries require consistent, full penetration welding. The industry move to use Clean in Place (CIP) technology and the new ASME BPE (Bioprocessing Equipment) standard has increased the demand for automatic tube welding in these industries. Magnatech is here to meet those demands. Since 1970 we have provided expertise in the area of orbital welding, and are committed to providing food, beverage and dairy reliable and cost-effective welding solutions.

Magnatech food and beverage welding systems set a standard for the industry. We manufacture automated orbital welding systems used in the food, dairy and beverage industries around the world, and invite you to learn more about our products and services.

  • Our EZ Orbital System provides a cost effective tool designed specifically for this market
  • Models are available for fusion only (open and closed arc) and with wire feed capability
  • Magnatech is always available as a technical resource and for technical assistance.

The food, dairy and beverage industries must meet sanitary process welding standards. Allow us to show you how orbital welding will improve your sanitary welding consistence and quality, while reducing fabrication and installation time.


Beverage Manufacturing

Equipment Used




Diageo, a large British distiller of spirits, operates a large Midwestern facility to both produce vodka, as well as formulate premixed drinks. A local contractor undertakes frequent projects as the facility expands and more product lines are developed. Tubing is all 316 stainless steel. Most of the tubing is hung in supports from the ceiling and walls, minimizing weld visibility, and making manual welding virtually impossible.


The contractor uses a Tubemaster with Magnatech fusion Head for welding the long runs of sanitary process lines required. The minimal clearance between tubes does not present a problem for the compact enclosed Heads. Mix-proof valve banks are also commonly welded (shown)

Dairy Valve Assemblies

Equipment Used



A U.S. fabricator of sanitary/hygienic modules for the food and beverage industry was required to weld mix-proof valve clusters for a dairy industry customer. They owned several orbital systems, but needed one additional system to complete the job on time. Their existing systems incorporated QC programs, printers and other features not required for this application, which only required a weld to sanitary weld standards and they did not want to invest in another relatively expensive system.


The EZ Orbital offered a lower cost alternative, which still capable of producing welds of identical quality with their full-featured orbital systems.

Manufacturing of Spices and Flavorings

Equipment Used




Campbell’s Soup makes all flavorings and spices for its many iconic products, including soups, sauces, broths, and others. These have been made for more than 50 years at its Milwaukee spice plant for use by its many production plants nationwide. The frequent need to reconfigure stainless steel tubing, welded to hygienic code standards complicates the use of outside contractors.


Operations at the Milwaukee facility decided to bring the tube and fitting welding “in-house.? They purchased a Magnatech LLC Tubemaster 514 Power Source and 800-series model weld head to allow them to weld 1- to 4-inch (25- to 102-millimeter) tubes. The auto-programming feature of the Tubemaster eliminates the need for complex weld parameter development. Any modifications to production lines can be immediately carried out by plant personnel, eliminating the need to schedule projects around outside contractors’ availability.