Welding Products for Pressure Vessels

When it comes to orbital pipe welding for pressure vessels, count on Magnatech’s Quickclamp and D-Weld Head for efficiency and accuracy.

Since its founding in 1946, Magnatech has provided high quality aerospace components, seals, and has innovated new and critical technologies in vessel welding since the advent of nuclear power. Today, our focus is the design and manufacture of the highest quality orbital pipe welding equipment on the market. Welding for pressure vessels is particularly important because a single, imperfect weld can result in major disaster, such as hot, forced air burns, bursting pipes and more. This is why we are dedicated to providing only the finest stainless pipe welding tools and equipment to improve efficiency across multiple industries, including shipbuilding, energy and nuclear production, and more. In order to perform at peak efficiency, welders require the best tools for the job and that’s where Magnatech comes in.

Orbital pipe welding is ideal for pressure vessels due to the confined spaces and intricate nature of such projects. From petrochemical plants, industrial plants and oil refineries to nautical and aerospace components, our pressure vessel welding equipment is designed to perform within the specifications of the job at hand. Fabrication, construction and maintenance of components in such industries is critical to safe operation. As such, having the right tools is essential to safeguard the lives of not only the welders but the equipment operators as well.

  • Perfect for pipe-to-fitting and pipe-to-pipe welds, our weld heads are fully functional and capable or reproducing the precision of a highly skilled welder.
  • The Quickclamp is continuously adjustable, therefore eliminating the need to swap components when changing pipe sizes thanks to a convenient toggle lever that allows you to slip the head over the pipe and clamp.
  • Our D Weld Head is perfect for applications with axial and radial clearance constraints. Able to cover a broad range of sizes, the D Weld Head offers interchangeable guide rings for mounting on the pipe.

Whether for manual or automated pressure vessel welding, Magnatech offers all the equipment you need to get the job done right with the precision and quality it deserves. Contact us today for a FREE quote!